Police release timeline of deadly Las Vegas shooting

Police release timeline of deadly Las Vegas shooting

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department releases a timeline of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


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  1. John B

    You are assuming a lot without forensic evidence. Pity video showed gunfire from the 4th floor. This would make sense since the real shooters got away and made it look like Paddock (Patsy) was the shooter, who was probably murdered beforehand then broke the windows out and shot the security guard. I did not see any gunfire from the 32nd floor.

  2. El Barto

    So if the adjoining door was locked then why was that window in there busted out too? There was more than 2 shooters in my opinion. He says here was a large amount of time before they could reach the "SUSPECTS" at the end of the video. Why say that if there was only one suspect!? He slipped up, or maybe he did it on purpose. He seems kind of nervous and shaken up like he's trying to remember what he was coached to say.

  3. Lawrence Hamilton

    When I did shrooms and drank a little alc and smoked. Something bad happened and time felt like forever. A minute felt like 10 to me. I can't imagine the chemicals pumping into you during this and how slow everything became. It is mental torture.

  4. jeffreey lit

    @ 2:45 he says ‘suspects’ meaning there might be more than one . while it could have been a grammatical error , I don’t think it is with footage from the taxi driver showing shots from the 4th floor . Us Americans won’t know for sure though , for this might be a coverup . Not trying to disrespect the people who were lost or injured , but It doesn’t all add up

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