GBP/EUR exchange rate: Pound near 7-year low as full Brexit’ is confirmed | City & Business | Finance

Both ministers have stated that there will be a transitional period at the end of Brexit, but that once it is over, the UK will be conclusively ‘out’. On the other side of the pairing, the euro has only made marginal gains due to disappointing Eurozone data. Industrial production slowed …

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Tata Steel pension deal – how long till other companies follow suit? asks GEOFF HO | City & Business | Finance

The deal between the firm, the trustees of the British Steel Pension Scheme and regulators means that Tata no longer has to stand behind its costly defined benefit fund. Tata had claimed that unless it could detach itself from the scheme, its British business would have gone under within 12 …

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Pound to drop below the euro – weakened by threat of Labour victory, bank predicts | City & Business | Finance

Hans W Redeker, a foreign exchange strategist with Morgan Grenfell, said that the pound would be coming under “profound selling pressure over the next few quarters”. Morgan Grenfell, one of the world’s oldest merchant banks which is now owned by Deutsche Bank, has now joined with HSBC Holdings in predicting …

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