microSD Card That Packs 400 GB Of Storage

SanDisk unveiled a new microSD card that packs 400 GB of storage, and currently it is the world’s highest capacity card. In an era where people are capturing and sharing more and more photos and video on smartphones, the company is working hard to keep pace with the demands of today’s data-heavy mobile user.

Company claims that its new 400 GB microSD can hold up to 40 hours of full HD video with transfer speeds of up to 100 MB per second, allowing users to move 1,200 photos per minute. SanDisk also promises faster app-loading, with the card meeting the A1 App Performance Class specification.

SanDisk’s 400 GB microSD card will be priced at around US$250, though the company hasn’t detailed when exactly it will become available.

Source: SanDisk

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