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Delayed flights are the bane of any travellers life when it comes to going on holiday.

Many travellers have recently been affected by Storm Eleanor, causing some planes to be delayed by hours.

Sometimes the delay can happen when waiting on the plane itself, much to a passenger’s annoyance.

They might not be told how long they will be delayed, according to one flight attendant.

Writing via online forum Quora, a flight attendant called Shreyas revealed why pilots often underestimate how long the delay will be.

They wrote: “We won’t tell you how long is your flight actually delayed by. 

“Mostly what you will hear from the captain is an estimate and they will even cut that time more just so that you don’t get agitated.”

Whilst this may stop passengers being annoyed initially, it will certainly irritate anyone left waiting.

Another Quora user explained what some of the common reasons for delayed flights are.

Sometimes it is because of a maintenance problem which hasn’t been checked properly such as “refuelling [or] mechanical problems”.

Terms called “Exceptional Circumstances” or “Acts of God” are also very common, something many British passengers are experiencing at the moment. 

This can include “bad weather, bird strikes, security threats, terrorist attack, political unrest, [or] natural disasters”.

Even congestion in the air can cause delays, which often occur on busy days of the year.

There are also certain words that cabin crew members might use to inform each other of a delay.

Former pilot Patrick Smith explained what the secret code word is.

He told Business Insider that hearing “last minute paperwork” means a delay.

Explaining further: “This ‘paperwork’ is usually a revision of the flight plan, something to do with the plane’s weight-and-balance record, or simply waiting for the maintenance staff to get the flight’s logbook in order.”

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