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  • Snow has caused flight cancellations and delays across the UK.
  • London Luton, London Stansted and Birmingham airports are affected among others.
  • The Met Office has released a yellow warning for ice.
  • Travellers are advised to check status of flights and roads.

TRAVEL UPDATE: 9.10am, Wednesday 28 December

Pictures have been released of passengers queueing at Stansted Airport with hundreds in line. 

Waiting with hand luggage and baggage it’s unknown if these people are checking in or waiting the other side of the security checks. 

Lana Briggs, a passenger who was stranded at Stansted Airport told Sky News: “Just over an hour we were waiting for ground staff to collect our baggage and then we were forced off the plane. That’s when the four hour delay started for our baggage. 

“I am [frustrated] we just didn’t have enough communication. The boards didn’t have any information or our flight details. 

“People didn’t know who to blame – was it Ryanair? Was it the airport itself? People are grabbing at straws, really.” 

8:04am, Wednesday 28 December

Some 300 holidaymakers have been left stranded at Stansted Airport this morning.

Easyjet and Ryanair airlines have each tweeted an apology to their customers, as well as recommendations to check flight statuses. 

Easyjet put up a statement on Twitter this morning.

“Due to continued poor weather conditions, some flights may be delayed or cancelled.

“Please check our Flight Tracker and allow plenty of time to get to the airport.”

1:14pm, Wednesday 27 December 

Some flights have been cancelled and delayed due to the weather.

Met Office has released a yellow warning for ice until 11am tomorrow morning.

8:30am, Wednesday 27 December

Snow disruption in the UK today could affect your travel, causing flight delays or cancellations. But will your flight be affected?

A number of airports in the UK have warned passengers to check their flight status, as well as traffic updates, before their journey.


UK weather forecast snow: Airports have issued passenger warnings

London Luton

A number of flights are delayed or cancelled, including journeys from Easyjet and Ryanair.

London Luton airport posted a warning to passengers on their website at 6am this morning.

“Sleet and snow is forecast until 14.00. Passengers are advised to monitor traffic and travel updates before setting off for the airport and to regularly check with your airline for the status of your flight.

“We will continue to update the website if there are any significant changes to conditions at the airport.”

London Stansted

Another of the capital’s airports, London Stansted, has cancelled a number of flights.

They posted a message on Twitter this morning.

“Due to expected snowfall and adverse weather conditions, we advice passengers to keep up to date with traffic and transport updates and plan their journey to and from the airport accordingly. 

“Please check with your airline for the latest flight status and allow extra time for your travel.”

Snow UKGetty

UK weather forecast snow: Some of the country is covered in a blanket of white

Birmingham Airport

Flight at Birmingham Airport appear to be running as normal at present.

However, they told passengers on Twitter to “leave more time” for their journeys. 

“If you’re flying from #bhx tomorrow morning please leave more time for your journey in case of snow and check for flight updates with your airline and on our website.”

There are currently no cancelled flights at London Luton, although some flights are delayed at arrivals and departures. 

Flights from London Stansted are currently running as normal, although this may change with weather conditions.

plane snowGetty

UK weather forecast snow: Flights may be affected

The Met Office warned last night of temperatures falling to lows of -5 degrees Celsius

Birmingham Airport flights are also arriving and departing as normal, although at least one flight was diverted to Manchester last night. 

The Met Office warned last night of temperatures falling to lows of -5 degrees Celsius in some areas of the country.

They have issued a yellow warning for rain and snow in a number of areas across the country, including London and the South East and the Midlands. 

Meanwhile, some areas face winds of up to 55mph along with heavy rains. 

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