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A group passport, also known as a collective passport, is a special type of travel document which allows a number of individuals to travel together under one single document. 

It is used as a means for a group of young people to travel together to countries in Europe, according to the Gov.uk website. 

“A collective (or group) passport is a way for an organised group of young people to make a trip to certain European countries,” says the website.

However, there are certain restrictions on who can and cannot use a group passport. 

Collective group passports can be used by groups of young people from schools or sixth form colleges, guides, scouts, or other youth organisations.

The young people travelling under this passport must be under 18 years of age by the end of the trip, according to the regulations. 

Between five and 50 children can travel together under one group passport. 

If the number of the group is higher than 50, multiple passports must be applied for.

The group passport costs £39 and applications take around six weeks to be completed. 

A group leader and deputy leader who have British passports, are UK residents and are aged 21 or over must also be in attendance.

Which European countries accept group passports?

It was recently revealed a passport number change occurs when you renew it.

This is because passport numbers are unique to the travel document itself, rather than its owner. 

“Your new passport won’t have the same number as your old one,” says the UK government website.

“Don’t book travel until you have a valid passport – doing so is at your own risk.”

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