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Flight safety demonstrations can often be ignored by passengers, despite the need for them in the case of an emergency.

It was recently revealed why this secret plane handle for emergency evacuations exists.

However annoying they may seem to the frequent flyer, knowing where the emergency exits are on a plane is important for all passengers – no matter how often they travel.

One man has revealed this handy trick to make sure the emergency exits can be found easily in the worst case scenario.

Quora user Robert Fitt wrote via the online forum to explain a trick passed from his father, who worked in health and safety for the aviation industry.

He explained: “When you are in the aeroplane, count the number of seats between you and an exit. 

“Even with emergency lighting, people have no idea how hard it will be to see if the aeroplane is filled with smoke, screaming people, noise, even water perhaps. 

“Counting the number of headrests between you and the emergency exit (in front and behind you) may just save your life.”

Fitt also explained why sometimes the best way to escape isn’t down the aisle when passengers are panicking.

He wrote: “The ultimate ‘hack’ is to climb over the seats rather than trying to escape down the aisle. 

“People will naturally go to the aisle in an emergency. 

“Grab your kids if they are with you, and climb over the seat backs next to the window. 

“Try and help others of course, but help yourself first.”

Those who want to stay as safe as possible during a flight should also listen out for certain words from the pilot.

A hijack sign secret from pilots explains that by leaving the wing flaps up when landing, it signals to the airport that something bad is happening within the plane.

Pilots can also use something called squawking, which is a silent way of contacting in an emergency.

A certain code can be relayed through the electronic transponder which signals a hijacked or troubled plane.

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