Swedish Total Defense Research Institute Report On “White Hatred” Lists Milk As Hate Symbol

In a new report on “the white hatred” in Sweden by the Total Defense Research Institute (FOI) commissioned by the government to map comments written on sites on the internet, milk is listed as a hate symbol and a symbol of “white power,” along with the okay-symbol often used by Donald Trump.

The stated purpose of the report is to “provide an insight into some digital environments whose common denominator is that they are all xenophobic”.

Expressing threats or profanity is considered to be an example of hatred, but expressions of anxiety or fear are also considered to be hatred, according to the report.

From the report:

The report is of course the first step to change the constitution, which the Swedish government wants to do to prohibit certain websites that reveal the ethnicity of convicted criminals, and to silence free speech.

And frankly they have no choice, because anger is growing rapidly in Sweden, shows a new study on immigration.


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